About ErikSol

ErikSol is a small, nimble company with a  large footprint and an even larger passion for client satisfaction. The smaller size of the company allows for quick response times and a more personalised approach whereby our clients don’t just feel like an invoice number.

ErikSol is owned and operated by a husband and wife super-duo who have a passion for people and years of experience in their respective fields. The true nerd, Marcel, manages clients and effects the actual services rendered by ErikSol. With over 10 years of IT experience, and an  innate understanding of all things that beep, Marcel is passionate about the magic of technology. Overall strategic direction, communication and marketing is overseen by Amy. With a long background in psychology and project management, Amy has a strong passion for people.

Despite being primarily based in the lovely city of Port Elizabeth, the business’s footprint extends all the way up to Johannesburg. This larger footprints positions ErikSol to provide incredibly competitive pricing.

Our Brands